Jewelry Design/ Wax Carving & Molds

Wax model is actually the first step in jewelry creation process prior to casting. The future jewelry item's model with different shapes and lines is created in wax version at the beginning. A high-quality carving wax and wax-working tools are being used to make professional custom made models of jewelry. This way it is possible to carve the wax with a different level of flexibility as needed to create fascinating, precise and beautiful patterns of fine jewelry. It is also possible to create the model using special CAD software programs and print or grow the wax in wax printing machines.

At this stage it is very important to calculate all the carves, angles and distances between holes correctly to avoid possible complications and stone damage during diamond settings afterwards. The higher is the quality of wax model, the higher is the quality of casting and diamond setting.

wax pendant model
wax ring model
amethyst ring wax model
wedding ring wax model