Diamond Setting

There are different types of Diamond Settings depending on ring model, shape, diamond cut, color and size (from "dust" to big carat diamonds). I can do any kind of stone setting including:

  • prong
  • pave
  • channel
  • bezel, semi-bezel or rim
  • floating or tension
  • flush or burnish
  • bar
  • invisible
The main purpose of each setting is to provide as much sparkle and light for diamonds as possible and avoid stone damages or fall outs in future. Some settings are suitable for hard stones only (diamond or sapphire). Some settings would require more labor and experience to guarantee the best secure result. The metal choice is also important since yellow gold , for example, will not reflect well the yellow shades of diamonds and will make them less shiny. So platinum and white gold are more suitable to be used for higher quality diamond settings.

In general, the overall quality of setting is defined by several parameters such as : unified colors of all diamonds used in one jewelry item, maximum density of setting, the same height for all diamonds on all levels, the same amount of metal parts holding the diamonds.

sample of diamond ring setting

sample of diamond ring setting

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